Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens März 2012

Enjoy the gorgeous ambience of the city centre while having
a picnic in Princes Street Gardens. Doesn’t matter if it’s
the West or East part- it’s all surrounded by Edinburgh’s
old buildings and offers a panoramic view. Of course, the
weather must be kind of friendly for that, but contrary to
the prejudices, the city does offer more than just rainy days.

Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and Princes Street are mentioned everywhere as
definitely must-see places.
If you manage a brief visit to all of them, it won’t take
very long. Edinburgh is also not a big city, and you can
walk comfortably to all the attractions.If you wish to visit the North Loch again, you’ll have to have a great imagination, because that loch, filled up with dunked witches, suicides and sewage, was transformed by time into the wonderful Princes Street Gardens.

Enjoy the crisp morning air in the Princes Street Gardens, once a lake called Nor Loch and now a fertile green area that separates the Old Town from the New Town. Walk towards the National Gallery of Scotland, a majestic sandstone building in which you will find masterpieces by prestigious artists like van Dyck and El Greco. On your way out, treat yourself to a good morning coffee or tea in the Scottish Café & Restaurant. They surely haven’t won «Best Customer Service of the Year» for no reason!


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